Ah, here it comes. Her concentration face. Adorable. I love it.

Oh right, I’m supposed to be focussing. It’s hard though, for me, to peer down my beak into that crystal ball. First of all, my eyes don’t work that way, that’s my blind spot, so I have to keep tilting and turning my head to see. That’d be fine… if I wasn’t as short sighted as I am.

So I peer and I peer into the rolling fog of time and mystery, but rarely do I see anything beyond clouds. Maybe I just do not have the knack for Sightcraft, be it future, present, or past.

Maybe I should try my flying goggles, they might work better.

It looks like Cass has spotted something, anyway. She’s really good, you know. She foresaw the storm that came last week, and she saw the big oak get blown down. When the shooting star hit the mountaintop, she foresaw that, too. And when the yew spirit was sick, she saw where to find the remedy’s ingredients.

Didn’t foresee me hopping into a glass door the other day, though…

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