Not Our Lucky Day

Today did not go as planned.

For starters, we realised that our Foragecraft exam was only two days away, and not next week as we had mistakenly believed. Naturally, panic ensued.

Secondly, all Elerriwort has disappeared, leaving us with only dried samples for said exam. Not ideal, but we can work with that.

Now, the rains come. This would not be a huge problem… if we were not also searching for Paperlilies. Their fine leaves turn transparent when wet, making them particularly tricky to spot, rain or no rain. As such, the flower heads command a high price, so Penny can’t even buy any.

“I should have been better prepared, Rix,” she says miserably. I peer at her through my handy tail fins, still too small to share with her. Out of all her studies and supplies and holding down her job in the chemists, I think two missing ingredients and a stroke of bad luck are pretty small hiccups, in the grand scheme of things. I tell her what a good job she’s done, but of course we all feel we can do better when plans go awry.

There is not much else to be done, so I encourage her back to the cottage. We shall come out again tomorrow.

Maybe we’ll find some Heliyummi berries. The squeaky voices we get after eating them always make us laugh.

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