Every morning I find him in there, his parents gathered around the lamp. We’re all growing accustomed to each other now, after eight prior nights, but I’ll be glad when the replacement glass arrives and this additional chore can stop.

They’re all well and good, these elf-craft gadgets, but they have their flaws, and often not at our expense. Too much noise, too much light, too much mess, too much danger. The far off cities of elves are built of metal and order and function, but their grand ideas tend to produce problems when used elsewhere. The elves take the feedback well enough, but it is hard for them to imagine a world quite so different from their own. No doubt there will be more hiccups to come, but we’ll get them sorted eventually, I’m sure.

This lamp, thankfully, is a small problem, and rather cute. The little dragons’ sweet peeps are a welcome joy in a busy morning of boring chores. I hope these little ones will continue to visit me on my rounds, or I suspect I shall miss them.

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