Rising Anew

When a spirit rises from deep within nature, it is not always a glorious scene. It is often quiet and confused, as a tree steps out of its bark and into a world it could scarcely sense, or a river finds a mind in its rushing waters and permits itself to stop, and learn.

It can take many years for spirits to accept and embrace their new life. Of course some take to it joyously, but others can struggle with their identity. Their former place in nature was so fixed and certain, but now it is free, driven by purpose.

When the time inevitably comes and the spirit’s origin is lost, be it a boulder smashed, a river dried up, a tree too old to stand, it can be devastating to the spirit left behind. Many have found themselves enough that they can move on and find new roles. But a small few lose themselves, transforming over years into a scrap of their former selves.

If you ever see the ghostly forms roaming the woods silently, wandering as though they cannot see or hear anything of this world, it may be a lost spirit. With time, other spirits can help guide them back to vitality. Mages may be asked to create and protect a new home for them.

A recent discovery by the dwarves has helped wonders in some documented cases – adding earth from underneath the spirit’s origin to the new home site has been very successful in recovery.

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