“Wait outside in the sunshine, Beren,” they said. “Enjoy the Gardens,” they said. Oh yeah, sure, I’ll do that. That sounds nice.

I do as I’m told and what happens? A cranky dwarf threatens to pull my fronds off and stick them in my ears, and worse. How am I supposed to know these plants are not for eating? These are eatable plants, I’m pretty sure that’s what you do with them. And why are they here instead of in the greenhouses? I wouldn’t break into the greenhouses just to eat cabbage. I’m not that rude.

He wouldn’t shout at me if I were an adult. He only dares shout because I’m little. So little and cute. Look at me. Adorable. I know, I’m told routinely.

Can I at least finish this one? It is really nice, you’re very good at growing them, Mr Dwarf Sir, and it’s too munched to grow again. I’d better put it out of its misery, don’t you think?

Yes, I am listening! And yes, I can hear you over the crunching. But look, now its sad little cabbage friend looks lonely, perhaps I should just-

Okay, okay, keep your beard on, I won’t eat any more.

… of these. What about those strawberries, they look nice?

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