When a selkie spends too long in his beast form, changing back can be... challenging. Rafe found his love for the seas as a child, many years ago, and spent most of his life as a seal-like creature, diving and darting through glorious summer days, as well as days of storms and ice. We’ve spent … Continue reading Retirement


What? What are you all gasping about? The bubbles? They’re delicious, you should try some! Pretty sure it’s apple flavour, but there’s something else, too... Spots? No, you must be mistaken, I’m not a spotted breed. I’m a Dwarven Flopphund. Very rare. Very lovely. Will you stop moving around so much, you’re making me dizzy! … Continue reading Bubbles


Sometimes, spirits resemble their origins more clearly than others. The dogwood spirit of Huttontop Woods is a gentle, shy thing that keeps to itself and sings softly on bright nights. They say a walker and his faithful dog often rested in Huttontop after long jaunts. When the time came, the hound was laid to rest … Continue reading Dogwood

High Lands

Where stone battles stone, deep underground, the world above can grow. The rock will arch in great ridges like the back of an ancient dragon, or lava will creep its way through cracks in the earth, breathing fire high into the air with each ashen cough. But here... something else happened here. The high arching … Continue reading High Lands


You’ll play with me? Yaaay, yaaaay! You wait here, I’ll go hide. If you find me before the bell rings at noon, I’ll tell you about the shortcut to the garrison. Nobody EVER plays with me around here. It’s all march, march, march up to the garrison. Maybe warriors have a different kind of fun, … Continue reading Playtime

Lost to Time

There was a time before ours, long ago. No-one knows much about it, but hints of it can be found here and there throughout the wilderness. It’s believed to be a time before familiars, before the choosing of mages and Nature’s gifting of magic. Dragons and gryphons are often depicted as wild or even as … Continue reading Lost to Time


The spirit of Whittenwood is... unusual. Large, shapeless, accompanied by its apparent offspring... It’s quite a sight. Many think it cute, others think it sinister. The tales regarding it are mixed. Some speak of great kindness and sympathy, while others speak of trickery and cruelty. Which is true? One, the other, neither, both? Nature and … Continue reading Whittenwood

Pendal Drakes

The flame of Pendal Drakes burns as hot as a true dragon’s breath. It is thought the drake’s fire shifted to their backs as a form of language across dark caverns, leaving their mouths free to vocalise. They have little control over their flame, however. It is constant, feeding on an oil secreted from glands … Continue reading Pendal Drakes


Thank you for choosing Gryph-on-Time, the fastest and most reliable delivery service in the Hinder Dales. A flock-run business for 60 years, we pride ourselves on the swiftest wings and promptest arrivals. A delivery attempt was made but it appears you were out. As the package did not require a signature, it has been: (X) … Continue reading Gryph-On-Time