It’s said that the first to rest in a new graveyard will remain there in spirit, guiding those buried later to the afterlife. Our good boy Ed passed on as our local graveyard was being completed. After a life in the sun herding sheep, chasing down children lost in the hills, and training several apprentice … Continue reading Ed

Finding a Way

Sometimes the bonds of mage and familiar are not always convenient, but solutions can be found, with persistence. I am the first, I think. The first whale to bond with a land-mage. Selkies have won our enormous hearts before, but not often. But Mo was an usual boy, often riding the lunging waves on a … Continue reading Finding a Way


Potions are a reliable field of work. It pays well, brewers are generally respected, remedies are always needed, and new discoveries can be life changing. Lou’s parents were delighted when they heard of the career choice. I, however, was not. Most potions are fine but, folks, can I tell you? Grinding up burned dragon scale … Continue reading Yuck

The Way It Is

“I’ve never seen you this high up before,” Mag mutters, leaning down to smell at my snout and fronds. Each snuff of breath is hot and dry, with the smell of blazing metal. We watch each other carefully, but there is no fear. “As the mountain sleeps, the forest creeps,” I reply. Even though my … Continue reading The Way It Is


The rough sound of paperwork sliding across more paperwork. My antennae quivered, my legs flexing. Across the desk sat a human, peering through thick glasses at the document in his her hands. I always hate this stage, when the surprise must be masked with polite curiosity. “A puka? We don’t see many puka applying for … Continue reading Unconventional


The dragon? His name’s Garthdee. He broke his wing a few years back and took to swimming while it healed. Seems now he favours it, splashing in the campus lake like a pup. We don’t mind. He’s a great chance for the students here to study an adult dragon, and his bad jokes keep tensions … Continue reading Garthdee

The Sea Folk

A world that most can never truly know lies deep beneath a churning glassy roof. The sea is the realm of Selkies, renowned ship masters and wave tamers, with ocean magic in their blood from birth. One dip in the sea and the human body changes, wrapped in warm fur and gifted with wide, paddling … Continue reading The Sea Folk