A Few Words On Fae

The fae-folk come in many forms, some like men, some like beasts, and some a little between the two. They’re tricky, though, the fae. Be careful of your self when you speak with them.

Yourself? No, your self. Your sense of self is more in danger than your body.

Fae aren’t… bad. Not what we humans think of as bad. Not even what Nature would consider bad. But they’re old, older than we can ever know, and a deep magic works in every step they take, every beat of their hearts, every word spoken.

They can take things from you; your name, your face, your ideas, your memories. They don’t always mean to, and sometimes they do. It’s hard to tell with the fae.

But every now and then a kid wanders out of those woods, clean unable to remember their name. A traveller with no supplies, clueless as to where they went. A parent unable to recall the face or name of a child.

Often these thoughts come back, but it can be a shock to be forgotten.

Sometimes the fae give things, too, especially advice. You’ll get good advice from a fae-folk, if you keep your wits about you.

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