Weekly Review – 08

After so many neglectful weeks away from regular posts, perhaps a recap of events is in order.

Though progress is presently slow, I am gradually plodding my way through the many Silver Jill pages, and I’m mostly happy with the work done so far. The odd one or two spreads may see some elements replaced, but I’m trusting that colour and texture will make a world of difference. It’s very hard to judge an image in inks alone.

I was hoping to complete all the inking for this batch by the end of February, but I don’t think I’ll make it… hopefully I’ll only be a few days over.

In regards to my work day, I’ve made a point of using the apps Forest and Habitica this week, and by golly gosh it’s made a difference. Turns out, removing distractions and finding a suitable daily aim are great for productivity!!!1!! Who woulda thunk it.

So with my spare time, I’ve been able to catch up on much-delayed commissions, writing work, emails… it’s like a dream. A productive, slightly repetitive dream, maybe, but there are far worse dreams to have.

Using Habitica, I’ve also established nice daily routines for health, too, notably for my lazy eye… it’s been especially lazy recently so it needs its own workout. Sleep has been a little more controlled, as has my exercise and meditation. All good things, thank you Habitica.

In regards to Caimwind, I’ve made some progress in the evenings with rough story layouts, a few sketched ideas (mostly dragons) and a lot of catching up on the daily post organising – scanning, sorting text files, etc. Yay.

Next week, I hope to finish as much of the inking as possible, and to delve more into Forest and Habitica. Let’s see where this goes…

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