Right Here

It can take a long time to find where we belong.

Me? I went through four homes and who knows how many moons living on the streets, always hunting for… something. I wasn’t sure what, but all four of those homes were wrong. Too noisy, too small, too big, too many children, too old, too clean, too dirty, there was always SOMETHING that sat ill with me, crushing my mind into a box of irritation and panic. My whiskers would feel like they were twisting with all my discomfort.

So I left them all. And after the fourth family – as kind as they were – trapped me into their world that didn’t fit me, I left, and vowed to stop trying. Whatever called to me was far out of reach, and far out of my understanding.

Until I met Alex.

I had never met a mage until then. But once I understood what it was, and what I was, it was as though the baffling dark haze in my mind was blown away, and rays of acceptance shone in. I heard more, I saw more, I understood and thought more.

I was a familiar. A cat, always a cat, but a cat with a purpose and a bond.

Here was my place. Right here.

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