Another adventurer. Another misguided teen or desperate adult seeking the fortunes of my collection. Another trembling wreck in a thin case of metal, defenceless and all too aware of my heat and size.

But their journey is based on lies, and poor ones at that. Only Girya the Gluttonous hoarded gold and trinkets. Most dragons hoard crystals – not for their value, but for the magic and power they can store, channel, dispel… They keep our nests safe, and are especially desired by queens with a new clutch.

But the notion of dragons sitting idle on uncountable wealth still exists. Every now and then a thief sneaks in, or a knight announces his arrival, or a beggar comes pleading… but I have nothing for them. Nothing but wisdom, but too few are content with my teachings.

This one, though… he looks promising. A light of honesty shines in him, and with the sort of bravery that sends him into a dragon’s lair even as fear so clearly grips him… this is the sort to really make a mark. Bravery in spite of fear is, to my mind, the most powerful kind.

We shall talk, and see where this goes.

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