Around the age of eight years old, puka children may start to show signs of… changes.

This is completely normal, of course, but a sudden and uncontrolled shift can be jarring for spectators, and terrifying for the child. Often it is fuelled by emotion, and most puka – chosen mages or otherwise – nearly always become part-bird.

Once mastered, the skill allows for a few choice forms to be adopted at will. Again, many train a bird form until they can soar without concern. They often resembled real pride birds almost entirely, except for in eyes and scale. The mass of the puka remains constant, so if you ever see a giant budgie or sparrow about the place, you’ve met a puka.

Although, one puka in town did insist in training himself into a flawless wasp form. Needless to say, we had no trouble from bandits.

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