Bookworm? Nooooo! Me librarian, see? Silent and quick, I keep books tidy, yasssss. You want thing? I find, I find for you!

Oh, Sylster’sssss Compendium Of Crystalssss? This way, follow please. Mind the stepsss.

How I speak? I learn, simple. I want speak, I get speak. Not always best, but good enough, I think. I can talk with clever people here, and that alwayssss makes me happyyyyy.

Last week, I meets an elf! Very tall, very big, he was fun. And day ago, I sees dwarves learn do swimming! In pond outside! Selkies teach them! Very funny, all that many wet beards. One selkie laughed so hard, could not turn to boy again, went to class as seal. Soaked carpets, so then I meet janitor again. I sees her often, she friendly. We talk about many things. She writed some of books here, about magic and clean health spells. We very clean here.

She give me minerals for bath, make my scales shiny.

Ahhh, he we is! This books good? I enjoy this one very much. I read it many times. Lovely picturesssss.

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