Such a timid thing. I’ve never seen a dragon pup so nervous of the world. He wasn’t afraid, that was the wrong word, but he was cautious, aware of everything.

It was clear from his preference of company that he was to be someone’s familiar, for we could not keep him out of the school. His dam was the companion to one of the professors, and while the rest of her clutch stayed at home with their sire, little Dhiro followed his mother as best as he could, or stayed with the students when he could not.

It’s hard to imagine now that he’s older. Growth to come will complete his scales and frills, and add bulk to his youthful limbs. But it was his finding of Eli that really made him. The bold as brass city boy with more attitude than sense found a calming influence in Dhiro, and in turn, Dhiro found a little zest for adventure through Eli.

This is wonderful for the two of them, of course, but there have been mixed feelings from their professors… A teenage dragon on a journey of self-discovery is a haphazard thing. Presently the estimated cost of damages matches several years’ worth of wages.

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