Service With A Smile

It was a hard sell, admittedly. Many of the two-legs didn’t want their supplies delivered by dragons, but with so many odd things happening on the roads these days, the skies are becoming the safest place for valuable goods. The service grows in popularity day by day, as does my reputation with customers.

I enjoy it, for the most part. Seeing a little more of the regular lives of the two-legs helps me better understand their strange ways. Some things I will never understand, but I shan’t waste my energies worrying about it.

Of course I’ve encountered the mages, but they’re not the same. They live very different lives to most of their kind, travelling far and wide and seeing many things, much like young dragons do. But not everyone is keen enough – or observant enough – to see past the scales and horns of we dragon-folk. Too often we are deemed scary or dumb.

It took a long time for Miss Read to trust me, but now she races out to collect her groceries every Tuesday. In three years, I have never once been late.

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