Always Welcome

I had wondered why several great rings of mushrooms had sprung up on the grounds recently. A new neighbour has moved in, it seems.

It’s nice to see. The secret creatures left for a while, as the house was built, but one by one they’re returning, bringing their little mysteries with them. This one brings mushrooms, but never eats them. Another brings dense knots of ferns, but does nothing with them. One collects rocks, but for no apparent purpose.

No doubt these little creatures look at us in the same way, wondering why we do so many things. Why plant a garden to cut back its growth? Why sow grass to endlessly cut it down? Why build walls to box in some herbs, but not others? I should think we are most baffling, to wild eyes.

Still, we shall be good neighbours. We left empty areas of the garden for the wild things, and we were gifted an item in exchange: an old silver coin. Old currency, no monetary value, but it still takes pride of place on our fireplace.

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