The Sea Folk

A world that most can never truly know lies deep beneath a churning glassy roof. The sea is the realm of Selkies, renowned ship masters and wave tamers, with ocean magic in their blood from birth. One dip in the sea and the human body changes, wrapped in warm fur and gifted with wide, paddling paws.

Some become true seals, barely distinguishable between the wild animals that often haunt the selkies’ ships, while others may change little, remaining mostly human. Many straddle a form halfway, enjoying the benefits of both. For some it is a choice, for others, just the way they are.

It makes no difference, for all can enjoy the sights below the sea. Diving for wrecks, discarded cargo, lost treasures or secret lairs is all fun and games to the ever curious selkies, and many a youngster has found themselves in trouble.

Selkies mages tend to favour weatherwork and divination, often letting the star-dappled night lead the way to answers. A talent for dreamcraft is rare in all for magical races, but is nearly always found in selkies, and seldom dwarves.

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