Witch Weekly

Exclusive! Only in this week’s adventure packed issue! We get all the insider gossip from the esteemed Wavemaster Pelios recounting his recent trip exploring the Great Stretch. If you thought being locked at sea for over a year was bad enough, imagine a year... with vampires! Storms, maelstroms, sea giants, and more! Read it all … Continue reading Witch Weekly


Sometimes the stars go walking. They drop to the earth and walk the lands, trek the trails, wander the wilds. For them, the world - and their form in it - changes like the blinking of the eyes. Lepus, as we know him, was not always a hare. What was he before that, in the … Continue reading Stargazing

Restful Queen

“Do not be alarmed. I am just resting.” Her voice dances across the little pool, soft and motherly. I relax, folding my wings back against my body. Her warm eyes flick across me quickly as she takes me in, but I, a young female only a year from my birthnest, am of no concern to … Continue reading Restful Queen

Right Here

It can take a long time to find where we belong. Me? I went through four homes and who knows how many moons living on the streets, always hunting for... something. I wasn’t sure what, but all four of those homes were wrong. Too noisy, too small, too big, too many children, too old, too … Continue reading Right Here


Another adventurer. Another misguided teen or desperate adult seeking the fortunes of my collection. Another trembling wreck in a thin case of metal, defenceless and all too aware of my heat and size. But their journey is based on lies, and poor ones at that. Only Girya the Gluttonous hoarded gold and trinkets. Most dragons … Continue reading Bravery


Around the age of eight years old, puka children may start to show signs of... changes. This is completely normal, of course, but a sudden and uncontrolled shift can be jarring for spectators, and terrifying for the child. Often it is fuelled by emotion, and most puka - chosen mages or otherwise - nearly always … Continue reading Changes

Master Eldo

While mages study some of the more mundane or personal aspects of their craft, their familiars go to classes of their own. We learn about ourselves, about the wide world, about our role as companions. Today we have Advanced Forage with Master Eldo. The wise old dragon is one of my favourite masters; the perfect … Continue reading Master Eldo