Troll Hunters

Bill and Gruff, the first great troll hunters! Brave! Daring! Legendary!

That’s what we’ll be known as, one day. You’ll see. No, don’t look at me like that, I’m being serious – the world will one day know our names, when we take back all roads from the trolls that lurk by them, above them, under them, preying on unsuspecting travellers.

Bill’s magic is good, his blade proficient, his cunning unmatched. Me? Well, you see these horns? Real good for bashing things. Real good. And I ain’t shy about bashing things, neither.

Who can say why the trolls have taken such an aggressive turn in the past few years? But they have, and while the masters study and ponder in their safe towers, it’s up to us regular folk to do the dirty work. Big trolls, small trolls, any that cause bother are gonna get swift retaliation. Mostly we just drive ‘em off, and they go back to living as they should, wild in the mountains. Sometimes they even apologise. Perhaps one day we can find a happy ground for all, but until then, the roads need guards, and Bill and I shall do the best we can.

And maybe enjoy the glory in the meantime. Maybe. Not too much. Just a little.

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