Pot Luck

Look at this little guy. Found him in the shed, hiding in a plant pot. Covered in webs; think some Webwhispers must have had a go at him.

Fair terrified he was, shying away from my great big hands like he was fearing for his life. It took more than a little coaxing and a promise of strawberry tart to get him out, but here he is, clean and fed.

I think he’s young, you see. Probably only a few weeks old. I’ve never seen one this small, and never this close. I’ll keep an eye out for others while he rests here, but once he’s recovered (and the aforementioned strawberry tart is finished) I’ll walk him into the woods and we’ll see what we can find. He might recognise a way home, or even find his kin searching for him.

What are they? Not for me to say, I reckon.

Still, I’ll be sad to see him go. I’ve grown fond of his little frown. Maybe he’ll pop by to visit every now and then, if his family trusts him to find his way back next time.

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