A Broad Collection

Look, I can’t help it. Dragons hoard. It’s a well known thing! I see something nice and I… I keep it. I put it in my heap and I lounge on it. It makes me happy, and isn’t happiness important?

So why do folks get so cross when I collect their things? I don’t break them, I don’t want broken things in my hoard. I just sit on ‘em. Cushions, sacks of food, food in jars, pillows, cushions, food in hampers, cushions, fresh food, pillows, preserved food, cushions; I have a very broad collection. Dunno what those old dragons see in gems and gold, you can’t eat or sit on those.

“You’re lucky you’re cute!” people often tell me. I guess they’re right, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to get a chorus of oohs and aahs.

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