Above It All

Stories tell of elves in the deep woods. Not like children’s books would paint them, mind, all quaint and glowing, these are real elves, giants above the world of us regular folk, and of magic. With too much time in their lives, Nature never blesses ‘em with magic, see? They live their lives in metal and plans, always crafting away at some grand scheme or another.

Don’t get me wrong, their work is good. You ever find an elf-made thing, you hold on tight, ‘cos it’ll last you a lifetime, and your children’s, and their children’s. Elves ain’t got no real sense of time, so everything they make, they make only once.

Some folks claim the elves are always around, quietly watching, and we just don’t see ‘em. Gods only know how you could miss anyone that tall, mind. You’d have to be blind.

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