Human Touch

Humans may not have the boulder-like strength and patience of the dwarves, or the soul of the sea like the selkies, or the shifting shape of air like the pucas, but they have, deep inside, an unbreakable connection to life. They live it openly, sharing their own with others of their kind, or with the other kinds around them.

It took me a long time to fully understand that, yes, I was little Aya’s familiar. I am her link to Nature, a friend to guide and encourage. Nature chose her for a reason, and we must walk that path together. Well, swim it, in my case.

And when needed, I can also protect.

I just wish I wasn’t so… large. Aya’s mother makes a killer sticky toffee pudding, but I can only appreciate the smells from outside. Sometimes I get to lick the bowl.

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