Growth Spurt

Magic is a strange thing. It just opens up, blossoming in the heart like a new bloom, radiant and- Well, in Ash’s case, it did that literally, too. All it took was a wilting bouquet and poof! The air was full, the petals were renewed, and her dad’s allergies were off again.

This was years ago, mind you. We’re trained and professional now, growing anything from wedding decorations to medicinal herbs. I help, by digging up only the BEST dirt. Invaluable, that’s what I am.

The growth runs so rampant in my witch she can even grow crystals, but they take a little longer. I can’t help much with those, and the energy ringing in them sets my ears twitching. Growling at them does nothing.

Only one problem – her growth magic rubs off on me, too… I have to get my fur and nails clipped weekly in the summer :/

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