Dwindling Light

It’s hard to find anything in the moors. We are blessed with the sky, for at least my wings can lift us high above, and my sharp eyes can scout the shrubby ground miles below. How any land-bound hunters find anything is beyond me. Without me, Chip would not stand a chance of finding it.

It? Oh, we’re searching for the Gorgonstone, to study the runes allegedly carved into its sides. From texts, we’d assumed it to be large and notable, but our fruitless searching leaves us wondering. Its smaller size may explain why few have paid it much attention in the past, but given its importance in long-lost Moorkish culture, we think it’s worth revisiting.

If we ever find it at all.

The creep of evening wearies my wings, but we can manage one more pass before returning to the college. Still, there are plenty of sheep to snack on here, if we stay out much later… But hush, that’s not for Chip’s ears.

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