Guiding Light

“The sunlight through the shimmering leaves casts a haunting, joyous spell, pulling the eyes away from the true magic at your feet; a tiny world of woodland spirits, their glow pulsing in the soft dappled shadows. Not all can see them, of course, and some may claim they do not exist at all, but an open mind will permit free sight. Look for them, and if you earn their trust, you may also see the hidden fae.”
In 2019, I shall continue with daily artwork, but this year I hope to refine ideas and designs to help build my new project, Caimwind. While I work on completing and releasing Silver Jill this year, I want to get ahead and conceptualise the growing world of magic and dragons and fantasy that shall follow it. Artwork will often be accompanied by short stories. If you’ve enjoyed my daft dragons so far, and even the scarier ones, you’re going to love Caimwind – and it’s equally quirky gryphons, unicorns, dwarves, elves, pukas, selkies… and anything else that grows to fit the world.

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