I Return!

Bonjour all! After many months, I finally return! The Here Be Dragons Kickstarter in April and May ate far more voraciously into my time than I ever thought it would, and I’ve struggle to catch up since. Fern fox plushies, many commissioned watercolour pieces and The Rescue Chickens Save Christmas were my main priorities, but with these done, it’s back to my own projects, namely Silver Jill.

Without proper, considered content to post here, I thought it better to leave it quiet and inoffensive. I don’t wish to spam.

I would like to get back to a more routine upload schedule, so I shall again aim for weekly, though I may not achieve that goal until the new year. A few topics I would like to discuss include:

  • Reviews of my iPad 2018 and the Apple Pencil, and the apps ProCreate and GoodNotes , for both artists and writers, and whether it aids in my day to day work at all.
  • Silver Jill updates, as well as progress on The Naiad Chronicles – Guardian and the companion Field Guide to Dragons.
  • How I intend to improve myself in 2019, as a person and as my own boss.
  • Recaps of achievements, probably monthly, maybe fortnightly.
  • My plans for 2019’s daily art challenge. More fantasy, more creatures, more ELVES.

So more soon!

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