Week 29: Time Keeping

This week, I did something a little new: I tracked my time usage. It’s not overly riveting, but it is helpful to see how effective or ineffective I am throughout the day. I simply write when I start a task, and what the task is, and make notes of relevant interruptions. 

Working freelance and from home has a great many perks, but one of its major downfalls is the lack accountability. If I miss a deadline, especially for one of my own projects, there is no comeback other than my own disappointment. It’s all too easy to fall into bad habits and weak excuses. For a while I’ve felt as though my own efforts have been falling short, but I wasn’t sure of how much. Previously I created plush toys for clients, sewing physical end products, so tracking my work was visually quite easy. Now that writing and painting are my main daily focusses, it’s much harder to track my results.

After an honest week of my typical working hours, relief! At present, I’m hitting roughly 8 – 9 working hours a day, with about 6 – 7 hours being jobs for clients or for myself. The latter two evening hours are typically spent researching, sketching and exploring upcoming projects (more on those soon, o ho ho). Because I can’t let go and just enjoy things, I also work a good 4 – 6 hours each day on the weekend :/

The above conclusions are better than I was expecting, as I thought I’d be more akin to 5 – 6 hours a day total. Which would be pretty good, for many, especially if they’re juggling part-time work or family life, but I know I could make more time if needed. But 8 hours a day, even if spread erratically over a twelve hour period, is fine by me. I’ve just got to make sure I stay focussed.

Work done this week:

The Naiad Chronicles – Guardian: about 4 chapters / 11,000 words, and a little editing. I’ve hit the meat of the drama now, so it’s chugging along nicely. I’m not sure if I’ll reach my intended November 30th release date, but I’m still aiming for it. It’s doable, if I use my time wisely. 

Silver Jill: five illustrations inked, two painted, one partially painted.

Rescue Chickens: last few design things, and a few images ready for inking.

Commission Work: designed, sketched, inked, ready for painting!

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