Client Work – Rescue Chickens

Chicken TestsWhile working on my own novels, I do also work with another author. The Rescue Chickens are the creation of fellow writer and friend, Christina McGinty-Carroll; based on some of her real flock, these cheery little chickens help those in need. 

Windy, Sigrun, Gale, Bertha and Heidi work together to help others in a crisis! They’re resourceful, using their brains to find the way, sometimes with help from their other animal friends when they can’t do it alone. Designing a group of chickens to work together, and to each have some potential trait or ability, was pretty fun – thinking ahead and chatting with the author about potential resolutions to upcoming stories helped drive a few options. Five distinct breeds were chosen: Windy the Red, Gale the Blue-Laced Wyandotte, Sigrun the Gold-Laced Frizzle, Bertha the Lavender Orpington, and Heidi the Spitzhauben.

RC demo


Croc Range miniThese five breeds were selected over others for three reasons. Firstly, they were clear and distinct from one another, making them easier for younger readers to tell apart, though Windy and Gale are a little alike. Maybe they’re related? Secondly, many of these breeds are pretty common breeds for keeping at home, so it would be nice, Christina and I agreed, if families could recognise their own birds in the books. And thirdly, because we liked them.

Presently I work on the second book in the collection, while Christina writes and plans more stories. With her permission, I will share some works with you as I go.

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