Introducing The Naiad Chronicles

Back in 2015, I dove head first into the world of self-publishing with The Naiad Chronicles, a quartet of fantasy novels for teens and adults alike. Following the tale of cranky elf Paolini, his human companion Dustin, the girly dragoness Kiki, and guard elf Ivy, these books are light-hearted, wacky, and a little bit serious when needed. Only a little bit, though. There’s tea and cake to be had.

What starts as a baffling conundrum regarding disappearing dragons turns into a much more sinister plot, with terrible sorcery, vengeful fallen kings of the past, and the decay of the natural world. Seers foretell of a powerful being’s return amidst the wars of the elves, as a creature of the old world rises again… the Phoenix!

But no spoilers, for now.

This series has been an excellent way to cut my teeth on both writing and self-publishing. It is far from perfect by conventional standards, but it is what it is, and that’s just how my readers like it (thankfully!). Now I can take everything I have learned – a lot – and put it into use on Silver Jill.

Book one, Vision, was released in 2015, with book two, Messenger, following a year later, and book three, Caller, a year after that. Book four, Guardian, completes the tale, and will hopefully be released in November of 2018. After that… I’ve got the four books of The Naiad Histories to work on, then!

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